Life insurance, car insurance, health insurance, pet insurance, house insurance and holiday insurance

Insurance. Car insurance, house insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, holiday insurance and health insurance

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Insurance is a part of everyday life. Whether it's the car insurance you rely on every time you get into you car, the life insurance you rely on to secure your loved ones future should anything happen to you, the health insurance you rely on to pay for unexpected medical bills, the house insurance you rely on to protect your home and its contents, the holiday insurance that takes care of the unexpected costs incurred whist on holiday or the pet insurance you call upon when your dog or cat needs treatment. We all need insurance of one sort or another.

Holiday Insurance

Holiday InsuranceTravel insurance (or holiday insurance) is a very improtant part of your travel planning. It is easy to forget that we have a National Health Service in this country, funded by tax payers, that pays for our medical treatment.

Many foregin countries do not have such a system and medical treatment has to be paid for by the individual receiving the treatment. This is one of the reasons why holiday insurance is so important.

Whether you are looking for single trip holiday insurance or multi trip annual travel insurance, we have the information you need. You can also find information on winter sport insurance.

Life Insurance

Life InsuranceThere are many type of life insurance and it is possibly the most complicated type of insurance featured on this web site.

From providing a lump sum to pay off an outstanding mortgage if the policyholder were to die (known as Mortgage Protection Insurance) to providing an income for your dependents, you must consider your requirements carefully before deciding which type of life insurance policy to purchase.

Health Insurance

Health InsuranceQuite often employers offer health insurance as part of the package offered to their employees. Those of use who aren't lucky enough to be offered health insurance as part of our job can purchase health insurance from one of the many companies that offer it.

Health insurance pays for unexpected medical bills and can allow us to seek medical treatment privately.

Car Insurance

Car InsuranceIf we drive a car on the public roads we need car insurace. The same can be said of motorcycle riders.

Motor insurance policies can vary wildly in price as it is dependant on many factors. Where the car is kept, the driver(s) occupation, the age of the driver(s), the annual expected mileage, the occupation of the driver and of course the type of car. All things being equal, a 50 year old married man who drives 5000 miles per year and stores his family saloon in a garage overnight will pay a much lower premium than a 19 year old man who drives a "hot hatch" and parks it on the public road.

The two kinds of insurance are Comprehensive Motor Insurance and Third Party Motor Insurance. Comprehensive motor insurance covers damage to the vehicles belonging to the policy holder and any third party where the policy holder is at fault. Third Party motor insurance only covers the third party.

House Insurance

Home InsuranceHouse insurance is usually made up of two seperate entities.

The insurance we take out against the contents of our home, called Contents Insurance, and the insurance we take out to cover damage to the "bricks and mortar" (in extreme cases the rebuild cost of our dwelling), called Buildings Insurance.

Many mortgage providers insist that as a minimum we have a policy that covers the "rebuild" cost or the property on which they are offering a mortgage.

Pet Insurance

Pet InsurancePet owners will be used to the annual cost of keeping a pet, vaccinations and boosters, checkups etc.
But would you be able to foot the bill for major surgery should your pet fall ill, or the cost of a claim against you if your dogs runs out into the road causing a road traffic accident?

Pet insurance can usually be purchased for under £10 per pet (obviously a horse will cost more than a cat!) and can give you the piece of mind that you are covered against unexpected bills.

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